a fourth dose considered for severely immunocompromised people

The administration of different vaccines or higher doses are also envisaged to strengthen the protection of these persons.

For people who are severely immunocompromised, there is a long road to vaccination. While the injection of a third dose of vaccine has already been recommended to them since the publication of the opinion of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Board dated May 7, a fourth dose could now be considered, according to West France .

If the first feedback on the effects of the third dose, unpublished for the moment, seems encouraging, the antibody level of some immunocompromised people could still be too low. “It is not known anyway what minimum antibody level will provide protection, making conclusions difficult.», Explains Yvanie Caillé, member of the Vaccine Strategy Steering Committee.

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To strengthen the protection of these very vulnerable people, a new dose of vaccine is being considered. “For those with an antibody response deemed too weak, a fourth dose is likely to be considered», Declares Yvanie Caillé. Other options are being considered but “there is nothing fixed today», Specifies Alain Fischer, Chairman of the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council.

Among these options are “the possibility of heterologous vaccination, i.e. with different vaccines“, According to Alain Fischer, but also the injection of stronger doses of vaccines, or the administration of monoclonal antibodies in prophylaxis, a treatment in the experimental phase.


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