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This Saturday November 14 is World Diabetes Day. In France, 3.7 million people are treated for this disease. In these times of the coronavirus epidemic, vigilance is more in effect than ever as people with diabetes are much more likely to develop a severe form of the disease.

For two years, a network of 500 pharmacies French have deployed a medical device. Baptized Sudoscan, it makes it possible to identify a possible risk of diabetes thanks to the sweat released by the hands or feet.

In the 18th arrondissement of Paris, Sarah welcomes Asma to her pharmacy. The 26-year-old is worried because there is a history of diabetes In his family. The pharmacist then invites him to position the palms of his hands and his soles flat on the metal plates and explains: “the scan will last about three minutes, he will not have to move.”

Identify risks before symptoms appear

For this test, the device sends small, painless electrical pulses. They are the ones which will make it possible to observe the state of functioning of the peripheral nerves of the hands and feet by analyzing the sweat. Indeed, the latter are altered in the case of diabetes, because of an excess of sugar in the blood. Sudoscan then makes it possible to detect risks even before symptoms appear and thus anticipate the complications of this silent disease.

No problem to report to Asma, for whom the curves are displayed in green on the screen. The young woman then said she was very reassured, particularly with the coronavirus in the air. However, in the event of a positive result, a medical consultation and blood tests are obviously recommended.

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