A giant power station 30 meters from its garden: “A real disaster!”

With his neighbors, Felix does not intend to let it go so easily.

Buildings 35 to 45 meters high and a chimney that rises to 70 meters at the bottom of its garden, colossal CO2 emissions, a constant cloud of smoke, noise pollution day and night … This is the dark future daily life of Félix Warny and his neighbors on the Chaussée de Nivelles in Manage. It is in fact expected that a TGV (turbine-gas-steam) power station will emerge from the ground within 3 to 4 years just behind this row of houses.

When the Baliwind company, a subsidiary of Eneco, applied for a permit a few months ago, Félix tried everything to put a damper in the wheels of this project. “We mobilized in numbers with the other residents as well as many inhabitants of Manage and Seneffe. Even the municipality of Manage opposed the project. And in the end, it was accepted all the same. It is a real one. disaster for us. “

If such a project was accepted so close to a row of houses, it was partly because of a modification of the sector plan in the 1980s. “My house was built in 1957”, explains Félix Warny. “At the time, it was a residential area in the sector plan. And when the Seneffe-Manage zoning began to be built, the sector plan was changed to an industrial zone but including the area of habitat. In my opinion, that was a mistake of the planners at the time. “


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