A government observatory accuses the White House of breaking the law for freezing aid to Ukraine

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The United States Government Office of Responsibility (GAO), an independent official observatory, has accused the White House of “breaking the law” for withholding military aid for Ukraine “for political reasons,” referring to the president’s request, Donald Trump, to investigate the activities of Joe Biden and his son.

The GAO recalled that “the president has a narrow and limited margin to freeze funds” of the Department of Defense and has rejected the arguments given by the Office of Management and Budgets (OMB) of the White House, which justified the stoppage of aid of $ 214 million to “not conflict with foreign policy” of the president.

“The law does not allow WBO to freeze funds for political reasons,” said the head of the observatory, Thomas H. Armstrong, whose office has examined the scope of the decision adopted by the White House in the summer of 2019 and is part of the open political trial against Trump in the US Congress.

Specifically, Trump will be tried for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress after the legality of his political relations with Ukraine was questioned, after the details of a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski were published in those who openly requested that Biden be investigated.

The House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, has concluded that Trump abused his power by retaining military aid to Ukraine for political purposes. The process is now in the hands of the Senate, where Republicans are a majority and will foreseeably avoid the removal of the current tenant from the White House.

The president of the Lower House, Nancy Pelosi, has read excerpts from the GAO report, in an appearance before the media in which she stressed that the White House actions were “illegal.” The case, he recalled, is “at the center” of the open political trial against Trump.

For Pelosi, the report shows that the network woven by the Government to “cheat” and reinforces the need for an impartial process in the Senate, with documentation and witnesses. .


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