A groom screams hisstically on the night of his entrance from the bedroom… What he found between his bride’s feet made him crazy and made him lose his mind!

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Samar is an eighteen-year-old girl. Like other girls, she dreamed of living a love story with the knight of her dreams, and of choosing a life partner who would give her happiness and security.

But the unjust family customs did not allow her to sing much in mirage dreams, and without any introduction or discussion, her family decided to marry her off to one of her cousins, without taking her opinion and knowing her decision.

Samar had no choice but to remain silent. All the family members unanimously agreed on the decision, and she had to implement it only without any objection, so it was not, and the marriage ceremonies took place, and the bride moved to her groom’s house.

In the midst of the ululations and the joy of the parents who gathered in the basement of the groom’s house, and asked him to take the bride and go up with her to the bedroom on the upper floor to break her virginity and give them the good news that the bride is a virgin.

The groom took the hand of the frightened bride, and quickly went up to the upper floor, and quickly closed the bedroom door, and the bride was asked to prepare herself quickly because her family and his family are waiting for the certain news.

It was very bad for the bride, as he did not talk to her and break the barrier of shame between her and him. Rather, he hastened to finish the task without any preliminaries, and amid the bride’s fear and trembling body, the groom attacked her,

And he began devouring her as a wild beast, indifferent to the psychological and physical pain she suffers from, only the drop of blood that would fall when the hymen was broken.

The husband completed his mission, but the winds came with what the ships did not desire, not a drop of blood came out of the bride, so the groom went crazy, and shouted at the top of his voice, “There is no blood,”

Cal the bride accusations and obscene words that challenge her honor. The bride was shocked and could not speak in front of the madness of the groom and the reprimands of the parents who pointed the arrows of their tongues at her, and then took her to the doctor at the same time to make sure of her “virginity”.

When she reached the doctor, he calmed her down and then examined her in front of the angry husband, and the result was that the girl was still a virgin, and that her hymen was of a rubbery type that could only be removed by simple surgical intervention.

The groom calmed down, and the smile returned to his face, but the bride was at that time devastated and immediately asked for a divorce, and said that she could not live with someone who insulted her and accused her of her honor.

The bride’s family refused to fulfill her request, and they forced her to return with the groom to the house, so she came back with a broken wing, shattered dreams.

She had children, but she did not forget that incident that broke her heart on the night of her life, and she still reprimands the husband for what she did whenever she had the opportunity.

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