A group of merchants undressed and lynched a woman they accused of stealing

They beat her, stripped her and threatened to set her on fire in the middle of a public street. It was in retaliation for an alleged robbery attempt. In Tucumán, a group of women merchants brutally attacked the apparent thief, ignoring her heartbreaking calls for help. It is the third lynching that has occurred in the province in the last month.

The incident occurred last Wednesday at the intersection of Crisóstomo Álvarez and Sáenz Peña streets, in the El Bajo neighborhood of San Miguel de Tucumán. Around two in the afternoon a group of people pointed out a woman as the architect of several robberies from locals in the area and began to attack her savagely with fists. Already on the floor, while the “rocket” was crying out for police presence, two women who would be victims of robbery attacked her – one of them with a knife – and threatened her.

The most sensitive images of the moment were captured by a passerby who recorded part of the sequence from inside a shopping arcade. The video that went viral on social networks shows how these women intervene at the end of the lynching to do “justice by their own hand.” “Why are you bugging me?”, one of them reproaches him while beating her. For her part, the other tears off her shirt; He does it with a scissor with which he continues to threaten her and cuts her pants. They also tell her that they are going to “burn” her. Half-naked, the roving frame continues to call for help vehemently before the gaze of people who witnessed the event and are passing through the center of Tucumán. “Stay still! Stay still,” they order her as they drag her down the sidewalk. At that moment the filmic record is interrupted.

According to local media, the attack culminated when two members of the Urban Guard went to the scene and intervened when they saw the woman running half-naked while being pursued by an angry mob. A shopkeeper in the area did not make the formal complaint, but assured that the suspect had tried to steal some of her clothes the day before.

Finally, the victim of the lynching was transferred to the 1st Police Station. Within hours the Justice ordered his release since there was no formal complaint, and ordered a survey and expert opinion to be carried out at the scene of the events, in addition to seeking to identify those who were participants in the brutal beating.

Three lynchings in the province over the last month

It is the third lynching to occur in San Miguel de Tucumán in less than a month. The previous one, in mid-October, happened when a group of people attacked and beat to death a 24-year-old young man, who had been identified as the perpetrator of the crime and rape of Rocío Abigail Riquel, a 9-year-old girl who had been found half-buried between mounds of earth, raped and murdered in a neighborhood of the capital of Tucumán.

Identified as José Guaymas, he had been released three days before Abigail’s crime. Several witnesses said they saw the girl pass by the hand of this subject. Neighbors caught him before the police, killed him with machetes and handed over his naked body to the authorities.

They caught the suspect of killing Abigail Riquel in Tucumán

The day after the lynching, a group of 30 people beat up a 16-year-old teenager suspected of having stolen a young woman’s cell phone. Dislodged, the neighbors who would have seen the robbery knocked the child down, they began to kick him and beat him with stones. With this scene the first police officers who arrived at the scene were found. The minor saved his life by the uniformed men who stopped the beating. In the midst of the lack of control, there was a woman who was the only one trying to stop the attack. Later it was learned that it was the mother of the teenager.

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