“A Hiroshima-like national disaster”: Governor of Beirut

The Lebanon Red Cross reports more than 2,200 injuries. Deaths are numbered in the dozens.

Agencies / RT News

Beirut Governor Marwan Abboud reported that the explosions, which rocked the Lebanese capital 4-A this afternoon, affected approximately half the city.

The senior official, who wept during an interview, called the event “a Hiroshima-like national disaster.”

The Lebanese Red Cross reports more than 2,200 wounded after the explosions and assures that the number may increase, they also point out that the deaths are counted by dozens, reported @ AlertNews24.

Lebanon’s Chief of Homeland Security, Abbas Ibrahim, has claimed that the massive explosion occurred in the Beirut port area, in a section that stores highly explosive materials, and not just explosives, as previously reported by the official state news agency NNA.

Speaking to journalists, the official declined to speculate on the cause of the explosion: “We cannot get ahead of the investigations.”

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