A hockey player fired from Capitals for inappropriate behavior finds work in Russia

Brendans Leipsiks | Photo: Washington Capitals

Continental Hockey League (KHL) unit Moscow CSKA reached an agreement on Tuesday with striker Brendan Leipsik, who in the spring was released from Washington’s Capitals unit of the National Hockey League (NHL) for inappropriate behavior on various social sites.

CSKA announced on its website on Tuesday that the team’s colors will be represented next season by 26-year-old Leipsik.

Last season, the striker NHL played 61 games, scoring three goals and scoring eight assists.

In general, during the NHL career, the attacker has also represented the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vegas Golden Knights, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings and Capitals. He has played a total of 187 games on these teams, earning 59 performance points (16 + 43).

Leipzig’s career ended in the NHL earlier this year, when he sharply criticized the appearance of several of his league’s hockey players on Instagram, and called a lot of his team’s “hockey players” “weak players”.

Capitals quickly launched an investigation into the incident, but less than a month later, the hockey player was left without a contract.

The Nashville Predators selected the attacker in the NHL draft in 2012 with the total number 89.

The start of the KHL season is scheduled for September 2.

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