A joke by Paul Magnette on the Flemings and Walloons creates controversy: Elio Di Rupo reacts

A “stroke of humor” from the president of the PS in a Flemish magazine on the clichés that stick to the skin of the Walloons caused an outcry.

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Ua sentence taken from an interview granted by the president of the PS Paul Magnette to the Flemish magazine
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sparked many political reactions on Tuesday, mainly in the north of the country.

“I sometimes have the impression that the Flemings want to do too much,” he said, in response to a question about the difference in unemployment rates between Wallonia and Flanders. “I understand it in a way: for centuries there has been poverty, and apparently it’s in the genes to work as hard as possible…sometimes to the detriment of one’s own happiness. “And to continue after a joke making fun of the clichés between Walloons and Flemings: “Many Walloons wonder why they put off their happiness for so long. Walloons like to enjoy life. Is it wrong? »

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What are the major reforms of the PS to increase the employment rate in Wallonia? Elio Di Rupo, interviewed by RTL Info on the program “RTL info Signatures”, answered this question but first wanted to clarify Paul Magnette’s comments. “It was really humor and all these comments are irrelevant. »

To increase the employment rate, Elio Di Rupo affirms that they are working “essentially on training, because 45% of people without jobs in Wallonia are people who have not reached secondary level”. Find his full response below.

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