A Jordanian presenter on the super beautiful Al Arabiya channel forgot that she was live… and what she did without any shred of shame ignited the anger of the Jordanians.! ! (video)

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The anchor of the Jordanian Al-Arabiya channel, Muntaha Al-Ramahi, was exposed to an embarrassing situation while broadcasting a news bulletin, which sparked a wave of comments on social networking sites, especially among Twitter users.

During the news bulletin, and without an introduction or a clear reason, Muntaha fell into a fit of laughter, and could not contain herself despite her attempts.

With the director of the bulletin assisting her in extending the video scenes, as the announcer was returning to a fit of laughter,

Which eventually forced her to end the newsletter after it became clear that she was unable to control the matter.

Pioneers on social media circulated video clips, wondering why, and while some considered it an “unforgivable fall”, others found what happened to be a normal thing, and not worth all the fuss.

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