A judge authorizes an innovative way of exprs for an owner to recover an occupied flat

The slowness with which justice most of the time acts in the cases of occupation of houses is a problem that ends up despairing the owners. Hence the importance of the judicial act just dictated by an investigating magistrate, who authorized one innovative express way so that the owner of a flat could recover the property. Specifically, he authorized the precautionary measure urged by the owner’s lawyer and allowed him to take possession of his home in Vigo. In fact, he was able to do it a few days ago. Taking advantage of a time when squatters weren’t there, he goes they broke the padlock they had put on the front door and installed a new security lock to prevent them from returning to the home.

The resolution was issued by the head of the Court of Instruction 2 of Vigo. In this room the trial against the should have been held a few weeks ago couple who had been illegally in the home since July 2020. One of the squatters is now in prison and therefore located for oral hearing, but the woman did not appear. Faced with the risk that the court proceedings would be suspended forever until it was located and with the evidence that the rightful owner had been unable to enter his apartment for months, Judge Diego Costa found that there was “clear harm” to to the complainant. And this was one of the reasons why, calculating the request for precautionary measure raised by the lawyer José Luis Feijóo, he authorized the owner “to take possession” of the house if the occupants did not evict it in within three days, with the warning of committing a crime of disobedience. The complainant had to pay a bail of 50 euros.

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