A judge condemns Iberia to pay almost 5,000 euros to a family for denying boarding

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A court in Madrid has condemned Iberia to pay close to 5,000 euros to a family that denied boarding for not presenting the family book, a document that the airline required them so that minors could leave the country.

In the judgment, to which Efe has had access, the Commercial Court number 11 gives the reason to the plaintiffs when considering that the company “has not been able to prove” that the prohibition to access the plane was produced by the presentation of « inappropriate travel documents », especially when they were relocated on another flight just one day later and at no additional cost.

The facts
The events date back to the summer of 2017, when the five family members went, together with 14 other people, to the Republic of Zimbabwe, prior stopover at the Johannesburg International Airport (South Africa), to celebrate Grandfather’s 83rd birthday .

Already at the boarding gate, an Iberia operator demanded a copy of the family book, “and when he did not have it, they were denied, and the other two children, who were already inside, were taken off the plane, sitting in their respective seats, ”according to the source.

Given this situation, the plaintiffs tried to talk with the worker and indicated that it was not necessary to carry the document, as they were transferred by the country’s own embassy, ​​as it was a stopover at an international airport without any departure abroad.

In addition, they recalled that other children accompanied by their parents also traveled in their group, who were never required to have the family book.

The airline then provided five new tickets to their destination for the next day, at no cost; However, this delay not only forced them to hire a second transfer from the airport to their destination, increasing the cost, but also prevented them from enjoying the photographic safari they had reserved with the rest of their relatives.

For the plaintiffs, represented by the law firm Coraza Legal, the denial of the shipment was caused by an overbooking situation. Some arguments that the company rejected during the trial, which provided several photocopies with the travel recommendations to these countries of the Ministry of Interior and the Spanish embassy in Pretoria (South Africa), with the aim of justifying their measure.

«Arbitrary» performance
However, the magistrate has now understood that Iberia acted arbitrarily, among other reasons, because the testimony demonstrates how «the rest of the families who also traveled with minors did not require the family book and could make the trip without problems» .

For all these reasons, it grants the plaintiffs about 5,000 euros, for damages caused by the denial of shipment, and moral damage.


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