A Laval CHSLD “on the verge of losing control”

The virus continues to strike hard in the province’s CHSLDs. On Saturday, two new outbreaks were reported: one in Montreal and the other, major, in Laval.

The Idola-Saint-Jean accommodation center, which houses 175 residents, has been dealing with 73 new cases, including 26 among employees, since January 3. The Laval establishment also deplores about ten deaths.

It is currently the most problematic CHSLD in greater Montreal. Public health authorities have launched a large-scale sampling campaign.

The infected were transported to a warm area of ​​the accommodation center. However, the vaccination of employees had already started last month in Idola-Saint-Jean, while patients had their dose last week.

“CHSLDs have been affected, but it is Idola-Saint-Jean who is currently on the verge of losing control,” Katie Chamberland-Langlois confirmed to TVA Nouvelles on Saturday. .

“We are very afraid that it will become a red zone at the general level.”

One problem, according to Katie Chamberland-Langlois, is that employees are deprived of essential equipment.

“The numbers speak for themselves. We do not have N95 masks in CHSLDs. We always claim them because the employees are not sufficiently equipped to face the situation. ”

An employee she met outside of the premises said that the staff “are running out of steam”.

“It worries us because the residents are sick,” said another worker. It’s a little stressful, but if we keep the barrier principles, we will overcome that. “

A Montreal-North CHSLD is also grappling with several cases. The Légaré accommodation center lists around ten cases of COVID-19 in two days.

The infected residents were moved to another center.

– From the report by Chu Anh Pham, TVA Nouvelles.

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