A lawyer is the first hitman victim of the year in Amambay

The fatal victim was identified as Arlindo Icassati Duarte, 43, a professional lawyer and owner of the Orejano business premises.

Commissioner Cristian Figueredo, Deputy Chief of Investigations, reported that the lawyer was in front of his home where a man arrived aboard a red motorcycle and without a word fired several shots at the merchant.

He stated that due to the characteristics of the event, it is ruled out that it was an attempted assault.

For her part, the prosecutor Reinalda Palacios stated that the next of kin do not know the motive for the crime and that the victim did not receive any threats. He indicated that the man was engaged in making loans, so it is not ruled out that this was the reason for his murder.

The forensic doctor César González said that the victim received five gunshot wounds, three in the head, one in the thorax and one in the left hand.

The first homicide in 2021 was registered at approximately 6:35 p.m. this Saturday, in the jurisdiction of the 4th San Juan Neuman Police Station, in Pedro Juan Caballero.


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