A Lebanese engineer in Venezuela’s relations with Iran has become in the grip of America

The United States dealt a painful blow to the dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, by receiving yesterday from the “Green Valley Republic” a Colombian businessman of Lebanese origin, described as “Maduro’s special arm” and the confidant of his financial secrets, and the architect of his foreign relations, especially with Turkey and Iran, is Alex Saab Who was arrested by Interpol on June 12 last year at the airport of Praia, the capital of the Republic of Cabo Verde, located in the Atlantic as a small archipelago of islands opposite Mauritania.

A private plane, which took off at 4:00 p.m. yesterday, Saturday, carrying Alex Naim Saab to the United States, according to breaking news, Al Arabiya.net provided a few details from the website of the most famous local newspaper in the archipelagic country, Noticias de Norte, which hosts in its news that the Court of Appeal in the Algarve region In the Portuguese south, it had previously given permission last January to extradite Saab to the United States, on charges of money laundering and attempting to breach US-imposed sanctions on Iran, Turkey and Venezuela, which carries a 20-year prison sentence if convicted.

Saab, which we see with his wife and three children, is a treasure trove of information about Venezuela, Iran and Turkey

After his extradition was granted, his defense team issued a statement, describing the permission as a direct challenge to a December 2 ruling by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) court in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, that required Green Valley to release Saab from prison and place him under residence. However, she refused, so the defense team considered that her refusal was a violation of the laws of the Republic of Cape Verde itself.

He was kidnapped, not handed over.

The team then issued a statement saying, “We will appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice to appeal the decision issued in the Algarve region, which is affiliated with the Cape Verde district in Portugal, but the archipelagic state authorities handed it over to the American judiciary yesterday before filing the appeal, so the newspaper quoted Pinto Monteiro, head of the defending team, About Saab, who said: “Our client was kidnapped, not extradited in a proper judicial manner,” while the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement that his extradition “is nothing but a joint conspiracy between the Republic of the Green Valley, which tortured him for 491 days, and the United States,” according to a statement issued.

The American judiciary had mentioned a number of reasons and obligations in its request from Interpol to arrest Saab, aged 50, including his management of a wide network aimed at enabling Maduro and his regime to transfer food aid allocated to Venezuela for his own benefit, and that he transferred 350 million dollars to foreign accounts outside Venezuela in his name (i.e. Saab) or controlled, as a Venezuelan, diplomat with the position of traveling ambassador and supervisor of a number of Venezuelan companies, through a group he manages, Group Grand Limited known as GGL for short.

Food rewards the supporters and punishes the opponents

One of the charges, a serious one, is “his management of a large-scale corruption network, which took control of a program known as CLAP, an acronym for its name indicating that it is a food distribution program, where relatives and associates of Maduro were able to steal from the Venezuelan people, and use them foodstuffs as a form of social control and a reward.” political supporters and punish opponents, at the same time they won hundreds of millions of dollars,” according to the memo signed by former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The American plane is parked in Praia, the capital of the Green Valley Republic, an hour before takeoff in Alex Saab

The American plane is parked in Praia, the capital of the Green Valley Republic, an hour before takeoff in Alex Saab

Alex Saab also benefited from a network of fake companies, through which he dealt with various commercial issues of the Venezuelan regime, and through it he amassed a fortune amounting to several billions of dollars, “leaving unresolved several food problems that Venezuelans suffer from, including the lack of milk for children, and instead he went and negotiated.” On shipping fuel tanks from Iran” and in this way he established close commercial and diplomatic relations with it and with Turkey and Russia “whose main objective is to help the Venezuelan dictator in circumventing international sanctions.” Therefore, the Constitutional Court of the “Republic of Cape Verde” was not convinced by what his defending team presented, and decided to hand him over yesterday .

Interpol had found Saab at Cape Verde airport when his plane was refueling, so they arrested him, according to what we see in a video presented by “Al Arabiya.net” below, and he was about to leave for Iran, to negotiate deals between it and Venezuela, including exchanging gold for gasoline. Iranian, according to a report in June last year on the Cyprus-based Ahval news website, in which it was also stated that Turkey was concerned that Saab might end up in front of an American court, because it is a “key” to many secrets.

Gold from Venezuela vs. Gasoline from Iran

It was also reported that Saab established a mechanism known since 2018 under the slogan “gold for food” between Caracas, Ankara and Tehran, according to which Venezuelan gold was shipped to Turkey with a value of 900 million dollars, and in return Ankara became the main food supplier to Venezuela with vital foodstuffs, such as pasta, sunflower oil and wheat Flour, red lentils, powdered milk, canned food, and many more, so Saab turned what he had done “into a major commercial asset” for Nicolás Maduro’s administration.

In 2017, he founded a company called Mulberry Proje Yatirim to play the role of a mediator in the export and sale of foodstuffs in Venezuela, a company that was affected in 2019 by US sanctions, for its involvement in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in profits from contracts related to the program to supply Venezuela with food in exchange for the resonant yellow metal, which information will become clear when Investigate him in the United States soon.

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