A Lebanese ministerial delegation in Damascus renews the debate on “normalization with the regime”

Yesterday, the visit of a Lebanese ministerial delegation to Damascus, to express support after the catastrophe of the earthquake that struck areas in Syria and Turkey, renewed the debate regarding the “normalization” of relations with the Syrian regime.

Positions were divided, as usual, among supporters of the regime, who considered that the visit that the delegation made at the request of Prime Minister Najib Mikati was a “duty” towards Damascus to express sympathy for its people in this disaster, while the other side considered that the measures announced by the Lebanese government, such as opening Beirut airport and crossings The wilderness to allow aid to reach those affected was sufficient, without the need to meet with President Bashar al-Assad and Foreign Minister Faisal al-Miqdad, as the ministerial delegation did.

The delegation conveyed to Al-Assad the condolences and solidarity of the Lebanese Prime Minister and its members with Syria. Al-Assad thanked the delegation for the measures taken by the Lebanese government in order to provide and facilitate the arrival of aid to Syria, which is achieving real effects on the ground, and leaving a moral impact on the Syrian people.
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