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A legal framework for the National Agricultural Register

• The RNA will in particular allow better targeting of the various State aids. • It will play a crucial role in the generalization of social protection for farmers.

The Government Council adopted on Thursday Bill No. 80.21 establishing the National Agricultural Register (RNA). The text is made up of 19 articles divided into 5 chapters dealing with the objectives of the agricultural register and its content, the procedures for registering agricultural holdings in the register, as well as the modalities of its management. This project was the subject of wide consultations with the various ministerial departments, institutions and bodies concerned. Various observations were thus taken into account during its development. The text was also examined during meetings with the National Commission for the Control of the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP).

In his speech at the opening of the council meeting, the head of government underlined the importance of the project to create a national agricultural register capable of improving the management tools in the agricultural field, and of helping decision-making related to the establishment and updating of the agricultural development strategy, as well as to the improvement of its implementation and monitoring. As part of the implementation of the objectives of the Green Morocco Plan and the new “Green Generation 2020-2030” strategy, this register will provide a structural database on farms, he said. supported.

According to the Minister, Mohammed Sadiki, who spoke at a press conference following this government council, this register complements and improves the tools for steering public policies in the agricultural sector. With the establishment of the new legal framework, “Each operator will have a unique identifier”, specified the minister. The RNA will thus make it possible to facilitate farmers’ access to the various agricultural development programs set up by the government, and to encourage investment in this sector. The RNA will also play, according to the minister, a crucial role in the work of the generalization of the social protection of the farmers. Farmers will be able to access and benefit from various social benefits, including medical coverage. The RNA will also allow better targeting of the various state aid, given that thanks to this register, and to the unique identifier, the procedure for benefiting from state aid becomes much simpler.

Note that the RNA consists of an exhaustive census of farmers and farms at the national level, with their geographical location. It is based on the General Census of Agriculture. In early 2016, the current minister, then secretary general of the agriculture department, chaired in Settat the official launching ceremony of the general census of agriculture.

The agricultural register is a detailed database on the agricultural sector and its actors. Its objectives are to protect and secure agricultural land, to promote the profession of farmer and thus positions itself as an accelerator for the modernization of national agriculture. This management and analysis tool will provide a better understanding of the agricultural fabric and will serve as a basis for decision-making, particularly in terms of targeting State aid and incentives, building the capacities of actors but also improving the governance of agricultural projects.


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