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Astonishing intellectual mechanism that makes people spend time developing banners denoting a big problem with sexuality in general and with that which is practiced by the stern in particular.

Astonishing intellectual mechanism that makes people spend time responding to women sports journalists who are moved by the fact that, in order to touch Dimitri Payet, they attack their half (who would be, according to the banner, their only trophy , but expressed in a language much less “once upon a time”, much more Jacquie and Michel), by spitting to them that it proves that they do not know anything about football, that rooming is the basis of balloon and that they should return to their kitchen.

Which proves that they don’t know anything about women: we can send you to “your” kitchen, you don’t quite see what you could do there, apart from reheating a Fleury-Michon dish in the microwave. (#gastronomer) which does not take the time of a match.

Low-end insult

This also proves that they know nothing about chambering, yet easier to differentiate than the good and the bad hunter. Neueur who geolocates himself at the Velodrome on Instagram, after the victory of Bayern against PSG, in the final of the Champions League, it is rooming. To deploy a banner where OM becomes a peripatetician who gives oral pleasure to Europe and who is loved biblically by PSG each year (always expressed in a language much more Jacquie and Michel), it’s not rooming. It’s just low-end insult.

We like to repeat to you, jaded, ” drop it, they are idiots like their feet “. 1, number of feet, those of Messi, for example, could be shocked. 2 is wrong. Aside from the percentage of congenital fools who are not specific to soccer but have a larger sounding board than the congenital fools that plague stamp collecting or yachting, they are no dumber than average. They just become that when it comes to their club. We like to repeat to you, shocked, ” that ?! but they are not supporters! “Well yes, that is also supporters. Just instead of loving their club like hell, they like it like hell.


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