a local resident fell asleep and forgot his chicken in the oven!

It was more or less 5:30 pm on Monday when the firefighters from the Hainaut-Est rescue zone of the Marcinelle station were called on the side of the road to Mons, in Charleroi.

There, it was reported that the fire alarm of an apartment building had gone off and smoke was emerging on a landing.

For safety, the firefighters send a full start to the scene as well as a second prevention ladder, given the height of this seven-story building.

The fire brigade ambulance as well as an R’Med ambulance, a SMUR and several police teams are also arriving as reinforcements.

A large deployment of the help and the police for … a roast chicken forgotten in the oven. A resident of the building apparently fell asleep in his chair when he had put a chicken to cook.

No injuries are to be deplored … except for the poor chicken who ended up charred.


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