a long deconfinement bridge while being careful

The French take advantage of this long Ascension Bridge to continue to break out of confinement, more and more scientists expecting, albeit with the greatest caution, a very strong slowdown of the epidemic.

On the 12th day of deconfinement, the figures scrutinized on a daily basis remain down, but specialists remain cautious in the face of a disease whose incubation time can reach two weeks.

As of Friday, 1,701 patients were in intensive care, 44 fewer registered in 24 hours. An important indicator of the slow drop in pressure on the hospital system.

In addition, Santé Publique France recorded 17,944 deaths in hospitals (+74 since Thursday), bringing the total of deaths since March 1 in France (retirement home included) to 28,289. However, due to the long Ascension weekend, the data for the Ehpad were not updated compared to Thursday and will not be updated until Monday.

Another reassuring sign, the religious ceremonies will be able to resume from this Saturday according to the conditions fixed by a decree published in the official journal and immediately entered into force.

Faced with rather positive indicators, the authorities consider that it is too early to draw conclusions, but some scientists no longer hesitate to say that the Covid-19 epidemic is behind us, with the possibility that some of the population is immune.

Among these minority scientists, but more and more numerous, the controversial Professor Didier Raoult, but also the epidemiologist Laurent Toubiana who believes that the epidemic has affected everyone she could touch. “A significant part of the population may not be sensitive to the coronavirus, because non-specific antibodies to this virus can stop it,” he told AFP.

– Democratic life resumes –

In this context of prudence and progressive deconfinement, the French must organize themselves to spend this long weekend within a radius of 100 km around their home, with restricted access to leisure, maintaining barrier gestures and wearing a mask.

If the beaches and bodies of water have reopened, it is most often in “dynamic mode”, that is to say without the authorization to sit or to make sandcastles, even less of s ” lie down to sunbathe.

In Paris, the parks and gardens will remain closed despite the repeated demands of the socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo. Edouard Philippe repeated it in a letter to the elected representative that AFP was able to consult on Friday: Ile-de-France being in the red zone “it is not possible, at this stage, to authorize the ‘opening of parks and gardens “.

However, democratic life is resuming its rights: Edouard Philippe has decided and the second round of municipal elections will take place on June 28 in the 5,000 municipalities where it is necessary, even if this decision is “reversible” and subject to the development of the ‘epidemic.

In the 30,000 municipalities where a single round will have been enough, the municipal councils take office this Saturday to elect mayors and assistants.

Because of health crisis, it took two months to set up the new teams, against five days usually after their election. The mandate of outgoing mayors therefore had to be extended.

– France regrets –

Elected officials from the first round were pawing to take office, while others, beaten or who had not represented themselves, were mobilized during the entire confinement period. And in some municipalities, the cohabitation between elected and beaten people has created tensions.

France “regretted” Friday London’s decision to impose 14 days of voluntary isolation on travelers arriving from abroad and says it is “ready for reciprocity”.

The British measure, which will be reviewed “every three weeks”, must accompany the gradual deconfinement of the country planned from June 1.

In the Ardennes, elected officials claim “the emergency reopening” of the Franco-Belgian border, pointing to the “economic difficulties” of a territory partly “landlocked” because “almost 70% of customers are Belgian in border shops” , they deplore.

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