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2023-09-30 07:30:00

According to a recently leaked approval document, Ather Energy has developed a new version of the long-range Ather 450S electric scooter. It can cover a range of 156 km on a single charge.

Leaked homologation documents have revealed full details of the new Ather 450 scooter. Key information, such as the dimensions and battery specifications of the electric scooter, have been revealed. Compared to the 450S, this scooter should have a greater range of 41 km.

Ather’s new electric scooter will benefit from a bigger battery

Ather refreshed its range in August with the introduction of the new 450 S, more affordable. Homologation documents now suggest that this scooter is about to get a new sibling. In fact, Ather is preparing to introduce the 450S HR, where “HR” probably means “High Range”. A new approval document for an upcoming Ather scooter has appeared online. The latter revealed that this new scooter will be equipped with a 3.76 kWh battery.

Thanks to this larger battery, the Ather 450S HR benefits from certified range of 156 km, or 10 km more than the 450X. In terms of power, it maintains a maximum output of 5.4 kW, in line with that of the 450S, and slightly lower than that of the 450X’s 6.4 kW motor. For perspective, the current 450S has a battery capacity of 2.9 kWh.

That being said, the top speed of the upcoming electric scooter Ather 450S HR is estimated at 80 km/h. In comparison, the top speed of the outgoing 450S, 450X and 450X Gen3 scooters stands at 90 km/h. It is also worth mentioning that the upcoming Ather electric scooter will benefit from the same three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor. This one develops 7.24 hp in sport mode.

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Talking about driving modes, the Ather 450S HR is available with Sport, Smart and Eco driving modes. Ather’s famous “Warp” mode will not be available with the 450S HR as it is reserved only for the high-end 450X.

Same features as the 450 S

Furthermore, the leaked homologation documents of the upcoming Ather 450S HR reveal its dimensions. In fact, this model measures 1,837 mm long, 739 mm wide, 1,114 mm high and sports a wheelbase of 1,296 mm. In addition, the total weight of the model amounts to 243 kilograms. In terms of features, the upcoming Ather 450S HR electric scooter will sport the same segmented screen “ DeepView » than the Ather 450S model. Additionally, it will be equipped with features such as 5-position switch, turn-by-turn navigation. Not forgetting Bluetooth connectivity.

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