“A lot of pain, because you don’t get photographed in intimate attitudes with other women” – Libero Quotidiano

The love story between Belen Rodriguez e Stefano De Martino has come to an end, but the reasons are still unclear. To tell some details is a friend of the former dancer of Amici, who confessed to the weekly Vero: “Why didn’t you want to talk about the breakup with Belen? For privacy, but above all because in him there is a lot of pain for this failure .. The second time hurts even more than the first. ” Then the thought automatically goes to his son Santiago: “He is also the reason why he never let himself be photographed in intimate attitudes with other women … He does not want his son to be confused or that he may suffer from seeing him with others” .

Finally, the alleged love story between De Martino and Mariana Rodriguez. To direct the rumors we thought the direct interested: “When I saw the shots, I had a blow to the heart. People already gave us for married, but in the end I had a good laugh”. In short, no Rodriguez has taken the place of Belen.


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