A lot! This amount of medicine and medical equipment against Covid-19 arrived from China – DiarioVea

SEE / Yuleidys Hernández Toledo

A little more than 29 tons of medicine, medical supplies and equipment arrived this Tuesday, June 8, from the People’s Republic of China to Venezuela to continue the fight against Covid-19. The information was released by the Minister of Popular Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado.

From the Maiquetía International Airport in the state of La Guaira, upon receiving the shipment indicated that This is the 16th flight arriving in the country from China through the air bridge established last year between the two sister nations. He specified that so far the Asian giant has sent to the Bolivarian Homeland a total of 462 tons of supplies to combat the deadly virus.

He detailed that 61 ventilators for intensive therapy arrived within the medical teams that will immediately be distributed in health centers nationwide for the fight against the lethal virus. He stressed that they also received more than 250 flowmeters, which is one of the devices used to connect oxygen to patients who deserve it, drugs for intensive therapy use and personal protective equipment such as masks, biosafety suits, gloves and protective glasses.

“Once again we want to thank President Xi Jinping and the Chinese people, for this extraordinary integration that comes to contribute to the treatment of patients with Covid-19 in Venezuela,” Alvarado said in statements to Venezuelan Television, VTV.

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