A loud surprise about the drug monopoly file.. this is what the Minister of Health revealed

The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, revealed that “there are 3 people from the Bekaa who were arrested a few days ago, and they are owners of public warehouses for valleys.”

In an interview with the LBCI channel, today, Sunday, Hassan said that “the raids that took place at drug stores were based on accurate information that reached the Ministry of Health.”

He added: “The delay in the raids was caused by the fact that I was waiting for the Central Bank of Lebanon’s data on drug support, and when we received the subsidized bank transfers after a delay, it became clear to us that there are agents who do not spend from their stock and there is a large stock in them.”

Hassan considered that “if the cooperation between the Banque du Liban and the Ministry of Health had been transparent from the beginning, we would not have reached this level of monopoly that merchants have reached.”

However, Hassan revealed that “some of the seized types of monopolistic drugs may be sufficient for Lebanon for 6 months.”


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