A magical way to delete messages from WhatsApp that has been over a year!

Although the WhatsApp application is always working to improve its performance through continuous development, as it has provided many advantages, users always seek more.

The feature of deleting messages after sending has become very important for everyone, but the impossibility of deleting what is very old remained the biggest stumbling block.

Delete old messages

On this point, a video spread through social media, showing a way in which the user can delete messages from the green application even if it has been sent for a whole year.

In the steps, you only need to open the WhatsApp application, then go to the chat that contains the message you want to delete, then press and hold the message, then move to the outside and choose the flight mode button.

Among the settings, we have to choose the time and date after stopping the automatic update for them, and go back to the time before sending the message, and then delete the messages after restoring the normal situation.

Constant updates

It is noteworthy that the WhatsApp application has always announced that its goal is to satisfy users to the greatest extent, especially with the fierce competition it receives from the Telegram application.

Therefore, from time to time, he releases new updates that are at the required level for all his fans.

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