A majestic scene of lightning striking buildings.. Was it caught in Jeddah?

Coinciding with the heavy rains that caused the death of two people in the city of Jeddah last Thursday, a video clip spread on social media was played by Saudis.

The clip claimed that the footage conveys the state of the atmosphere in the city.

He transmitted thunderstorms and scenes of lightning striking in the atmosphere while filming it apparently from a window.

While its publishers commented, they said: “Moments of lightning in the sky of the city of Jeddah a short while ago.”

From America and India

However, this talk is untrue, as the video circulated is old.

It consists of two old clips, and it was not originally filmed in Saudi Arabia, as the search confirmed that it was posted on the Tik Tok account last August in the US state of Florida.

As for the second clip, it was published by a photographer on her Instagram account last September, and she said that she had photographed it with her phone from the window of an apartment located in the Indian city of Mumbai.

Two people died in the storm

It is noteworthy that heavy rains fell in the Saudi city of Jeddah last Thursday, which led to the death of two people.

The authorities also announced the suspension of studies, delaying flights, and closing the road leading to Makkah Al-Mukarramah for hours.

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