A man armed with a bow kills at least five people in Norway

The Police do not rule out that the attack, in which two injured were also registered, may have a terrorist motive

A man armed with a bow carried out a mass murder yesterday in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, located in the southeast of the Scandinavian country and about 80 kilometers from the capital, Oslo. The attacker, who was detained by the police, fired arrows at the pedestrians, killing at least five of them and injuring two others. Among the latter is a police officer who was off duty. The authorities do not rule out a terrorist motive.

This past July marked the 10th anniversary of the massacre caused by Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people when he detonated a bomb near the government headquarters in Oslo and opened fire at a Labor Youth rally on the island of Utoya. The massacre was then classified as an attack by the extreme right, and also in this case there could be an ideological motivation. “Seeing how the events unfolded, it is natural to consider such a possibility,” Buskerud Province Police Chief Oeyvind Aas told reporters. However, he pointed out that the detainee had not yet been questioned and “it is too early to reach a conclusion.”

The attack began shortly before 6.30 pm local time. According to various witnesses cited by the media, a man armed with a bow and arrows began firing from inside a supermarket of the Coop Extra chain in Kongsberg, a town with a population of about 28,000 people. “We can confirm that there has been a serious incident in our store and that none of our employees have suffered physical injuries,” said the chain’s manager, Harald Kristiansen.

The Norwegian Police also reported that the assailant traveled “large” areas attacking people before being arrested, with a balance of at least five dead and two injured. According to official sources, he would have acted alone. “We are not looking for other people,” confirmed Oeyvind Aas.

Knife and other weapons

After being informed of what was happening, the authorities deployed dozens of ambulances, police vehicles, helicopters and members of the immediate response teams of the Norwegian security forces. The wounded were taken to hospitals, while the Police cordoned off several neighborhoods and ordered the clients of the premises where the attack began and the residents in the area not to leave their homes.

Finally, about half an hour after the start of the incident, the suspect was captured after a small confrontation with the agents and transferred to the Drammen police station, without the authorities giving information about his identity. According to television channel TV2, the man also carried a knife and various other weapons.


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