a man frightens his neighborhood in the Liège region!

The facts alleged against the suspect date back to May 27. That day, two complaints were filed against him by neighbors for assault and battery and threats by gesture using a pair of scissors, said the prosecution of Liège.

On May 28, the series continued. The man, known to the courts for acts of theft, was once again talked about for beatings on a neighbor, who ultimately decided not to file a complaint against the suspect for fear of reprisals.

The next day, he broke down the front door of a neighbor’s house and then left without stealing anything after having first observed the layout of the premises. On the same day, he also entered a car naked and asked the motorist to drive him to a specific location, which the driver refused. He then attacked the vehicle, ripping a mirror, the handbrake and the gearbox. The car, out of order, was then embedded in another vehicle

It was then that the police intervened, but the man refused to cooperate, putting himself in a state of rebellion.

The individual was finally referred Monday morning to the prosecution of Liège. In the toilet, he again tried to rebel.

His case was put under investigation and a request for an arrest warrant was made against him.


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