A man killed and another injured leaves robbery in the El Valle neighborhood

Face up and lying in the middle of the street Wilson Junior Pulido Castilla, 37, a bus driver who had been stabbed minutes earlier to steal your belongings.

The murder occurred at 5:00 a.m. this Friday when Pulido Castilla took a motorcycle taxi to get to his workplace. The motorcycle was driven by Pablo Gamarra Caballero, 69, who was also injured with the same knife with which Wilson was murdered.

According to the Police, the men were surprised by several individuals on Calle 70C with Carrera 18, El Valle neighborhood. The robbers drew bladed weapons and intimidated the victims who apparently opposed the theft and for that they were attacked.

Pulido Castilla was wounded in the thorax, while Gamarra Caballero was injured in his left shoulderHe was able to escape from the thieves and went out to ask for help, when he returned he found Wilson lying on the floor two blocks down, lifeless.

The authorities are conducting investigations to find the whereabouts of those guilty of this act.


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