A man on crutches was arrested for groping a woman at a train station

2023-09-21 21:50:17

A disabled man was arrested, accused of indecent abuse after groping a woman at a train station. The incident was recorded by security cameras.

The event happened on the platform of the Lisandro de la Torre station, in the Buenos Aires town of Belgrano, on August 31. However, the images and the procedure were recently released.

In the images you can see a passenger walking with her bicycle through the station. She was chased by the man on crutches, who approached and groped her while she waited to get into formation.

In the video you can see the victim being surprised and putting his bike in the way to get away from the abuser, who then got into the van through another door.

The entire situation was observed by a camera operator from the Safe Trains Command, who immediately notified the security service to intervene.

The clip was released by the Ministry of Transportation. There you can also see a security agent asking the victim to identify the abuser.

A Spanish journalist suffered live harassment.

It was thanks to this that the agents managed to arrest him, while the man was traveling in the Belgrano C. He was transferred to the Miter division of the Federal Police.

The National Criminal and Correctional Court no. 62, of Dr. Patricia Guichandut, and was charged with indecent abuse.

The video

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