News a man trapped on the internet in police custody...

a man trapped on the internet in police custody in the Landes


The man thought he was chatting on the internet with a 16-year-old girl (illustration). – T. Gagnepain / 20 Minutes

He had been trapped on the internet by a Montois couple, who had created a fake Facebook profile and pretended to be a young teenager. A 48-year-old man suspected of
pedocrime presented himself this Friday at the Mont-de-Marsan police station. “He was taken into police custody,” said Olivier Janson, the public prosecutor of
Mont-de-Marsan, who learned the case himself after it was posted on social networks.

The couple exposed their trap on a video titled “We trap a pedophile” and posted on their Facebook account. At the end of January, he had created a fake Facebook profile: “a young girl of twelve, ignorant, fan of Matt Pokora, in fifth grade”. This is how the target would have been trapped.

400 friend requests for the fake profile

In just 48 hours, he said he received over 400 friend requests after creating the fake profile, mainly from North Africa, South America, the United States and France.

“After going around certain profiles, he commented in his video, we accepted some individuals and very quickly, they went on the attack. During discussions with some people, an unhealthy atmosphere was created feel.”

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Meeting filmed with a hidden camera

The alleged pedophile, trapped in the video, quickly contacted the fake girl via Facebook. “We were shocked to run into someone around us,” said the accomplice’s accomplice on the video.

Thinking of addressing a young schoolgirl, the man had made salacious remarks, sent a photo of him naked, and finally invited her to a meeting at Jean-Rameau Park in Mont-de-Marsan, advising her to stay discreet.

The meeting, filmed with a hidden camera, finally took place on February 11 and the video was broadcast the following day on the web. It accumulated Friday evening nearly 25,000 views. The suspect of sexual offers to minors under the age of fifteen faces two years in prison, and five years in prison for a physical encounter.


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