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a man was walking with an airsoft gun

The Lint vaccination center was placed on Friday afternoon in lockdown for 1 hour after the report of a suspicious man “possibly armed” hanging out near the scene. As reported by our colleagues from Nieuwsblad, the alert was taken very seriously by the police who did not allow anyone to enter or leave the center.

“We received a report of a suspicious individual near the Lint vaccination center. Since this can be a potential target for people with bad ideas, it was decided to put the center in lockdown until we have a better view of the suspect ”, explained the spokesperson for the local police force to our colleagues. .

Finally, more fear than harm. “The man turned out to be an airsoft gun collector. He had agreed with a colleague to sell him these weapons. No criminal offense has been committed, ”Reiner Smets of the Hekla local police (Hove, Edegem, Kontich, Lint and Aartselaar) told Nieuwsblad.

In the meantime, the vaccination center has again been able to reopen its doors.


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