A man with schizophrenia shares his story

On the North Shore, a Baie-Comois suffering from schizophrenia publishes a touching book to give hope to the people and those around them who live with this disorder.

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In his daily life, Langis Brisson deals with schizophrenia thanks to the help of an adapted medication. This disorder causes those who suffer from it to confuse reality with dreams.

“Let me call the dream reality. Because in the moment of psychosis, it is reality. So it’s two overlapping realities. So that leads to an inconsistency at the level of thought, of actions, ”he explains.

This man from Colombier had a bright future ahead of him, before his first psychosis in the 1980s. He was in his twenties at the time.

“I had started my college studies in science which I had successfully completed,” he recalls. “At the time I thought like everyone else. To have a job, to found a family. Then everything came tumbling down, compared to my first psychosis. “

A life marked by schizophrenia

This is what he says in the book A Bonzai in the Garden, which he publishes with the support of CRÉAM, a place of exchange and mutual aid that supports adults living with a mental or emotional health problem.

“He’s our accomplished artist at CRÉAM,” says the organization’s coordinator, Hélène Normand, proudly. “Mr. Brisson does watercolors, painting, woodworking, writing, etc. We at CRÉAM work with the strengths of the people. He is stable with his medication, ”she explains.

Living in denial of his illness, Langis Brisson says he took refuge in drug use to temporarily avoid pain.

“On the other hand, hell comes pretty quickly,” he explains. “I won’t sell all the punches in the book, but I’m just saying self-medication is a very big danger.”

When his medication was finally dosed well 5 years ago, Langis Brisson was able to fully express his creativity.

“There was an upturn in my desire to create at that time, so that I could put in the emotion that I was creating,” recalls the elder with wonder.

Hope for affected families

Langis Brisson now wants his book to give hope to people with schizophrenia and to those around them.

“Sooner or later with advances in medicine, community resources, people who are going through hardship, even hell, can hope for a moment of heaven.”

The book A Bonzai in the Garden is currently offered at CRÉAM, in Baie-Comeau, on Bossé Street. This is where it will be officially launched on 1is September.

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