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A Matrix 4 without director Lana Wachowski was in the works at Warner Bros

Matrix Resurrections producer James McTeigue admitted that Warner Bros. clearly considered assigning a different director to the new film.

James McTeigue does not hide that during all these years Warner Bros Studios have sought to take over the franchise by hiring other directors.

Lana Wachowski – Crédits : Anna Hanks/Flickr

« I think when you have a franchise with such financial potential, there is always something to be discussed. It’s the same way as the Marvel universe which repeats and folds in on itself, with Spider-Man, or even Iron Man, or Thor. It is always possible to renew these films simply because of the financial and scriptwriting desirability. But I shouldn’t say it’s just a purely pecuniary thought».

The Wachowski sisters remained the studio’s first choice

« But hey, look, there were written versions already, but they hadn’t landed on the right version. So when Lana finally came back and said, “I’m interested in making another movie,” of course they went with the filmmaker who was originally from The Matrix ».

The reception of Matrix 4 is mixed to say the least. In particular, the film is not always clear and it is sometimes difficult to understand what happened between Matrix 3 Revolutions and Matrix 4 Resurrections. Nonetheless, Warner Bros. has expressed a desire to continue working with Lara. The studios went so far as to express their interest in the creation of a fifth opus with the director. Perhaps the reactions to the film would have been much worse if the director hadn’t been one of the Wachovsky sisters.

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A decision on the hot seat

It is obvious that for a cult author’s film like The Matrix the appearance of the name Wachovski is of the utmost importance in gaining the trust of the public. And if Lilly did not want to be part of the project despite everything, Lana was motivated by personal events which concern them both.

She explained that she was crossing a prolonged period of mourning after the deaths of her parents and a close friend, and bringing back those characters who meant so much to her (Neo and Trinity died in the third Matrix movie) would have been a great comfort. Lilly, she would have discovered that she could channel these feelings into her art.

Yet this decision was far from obvious for Lana and it would be the encouragement of her relatives that would have finally convinced her. And she even almost gave up in class. The Covid forced the filming to stop, and Jessica Henwick confided in a recent interview that during this period “ she really played with the idea of ​​just quitting ».

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