a member of the Scientific Council calls for a third dose “for everyone”

published on Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 9:00 p.m.

Lila Bouadma, resuscitator at Bichat hospital and member of the Scientific Council, warns of the drop in collective immunity.

With the cold that will set in in France from Monday 22 November, the coronavirus “finds its ideal conditions”. Guest of BFMTV, Lila Bouadma, member of the Scientific Council, gave an update on vaccination.

And if the debate around the third vaccine injection is not entirely settled, for the resuscitator at Bichat hospital, we must no longer procrastinate.

“The younger we are, the longer the immunity lasts, concedes the scientist. But we know that there is a constant decrease in immunity in all ages. We need a booster dose for everyone.”

This third dose which would therefore only be a matter of time to hear Lila Bouadma. “She will probably enter the health pass. You have to give yourself the time to organize things. “

This call is part of a context of tension around the fifth wave, which gave rise to new restrictive measures in Europe. Return of the restrictions which has not yet hit France, which still has an arsenal of measures, but which must be seen as a warning. “We have gained a few weeks compared to other European countries because we are vaccinated a lot. We have fairly high restrictive measures compared to other European countries. France has been reasonable, that’s what today protects us. “

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