A milestone for Chile: Sammis Reyes remains in Washington’s starting squad for the NFL

The presence of a Chilean in the NFL is getting closer and closer. Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera delivered the final list of the 53 players who will be part of the team’s star roster for next season, which includes Sammis Reyes.

In this way, the national athlete crowns a path that has been arduous. With a sports start associated with basketball that did not bear much fruit, the Chilean managed to adapt and stand out in American football, his new bet, which led him to be one of the most prominent in the International Player Pathway Program that seeks to give him opportunities for international players within the league, allowing them to join the practice teams of different franchises.

Already in his first official match during the preseason, the WFT coach had words of praise for the national tight end.

“Yesterday we saw the results of what it can be. He may be our most physical tight end, “he highlighted on the occasion, adding that he liked what he saw and stressed that he only” sees progress “in his pupil, although he warned that he would like Reyes to catch the ball” a little cleaner. ” .

In any case, one of the aspects that most attracted attention was his ability in defensive work, something that was better seen in the last preseason friendly where he was solid in the position despite the team’s fall by 37-3 vs. Baltimore Ravens.

In the event that Ron Rivera had not considered him for the first team, Sammis Reyes’ contract would be freely available so that it can be taken over by any other team interested in him, with a maximum deadline for this on September 1 at 16.00 hours.

If after that no other club took him, the Chilean would have the opportunity to sign for any team under the conditions that are most favorable for the player. He could even sign with Washington to make the reserve team to continue polishing his game.

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