A mistake leads to an amazing discovery in Corona vaccines | battalions

An unintended error in dosage amounts, during the AstraZeneca vaccine trial at Oxford University, led to a new discovery, according to a study prepared by researchers from Northwestern University of Medicine Studies and published in the journal Science Immunology.

The error that was made during a clinical trial of the drug, was giving people half the amount of the first dose of the vaccine, and then they received a full dose of the vaccine, while other people were given equal amounts of doses of the vaccine.

The discovery that astonished the scientists, that those who got half the dose, had better immunity than those who got equal amounts of doses, according to the study.

However, it was not clear to the scientists the reason for what happened at the beginning, as it was not clear that the improvement in the indicators was caused by giving them half a dose the first time, or because of the time difference between the first and second dose, according to a report published by the “Sense Tech Daily” website.

Scientists from the College of Medicine at Northwestern University conducted an experiment on mice by testing lower dose quantities for the first dose of the Corona vaccine, and then followed it up a period later with a full dose of the vaccine, with the result that after the second dose, the bodies of these mice produced more antibodies than those who received equal doses .

Pablo Benalusa McMaster, a microbiologist and immunologist at Feinberg University, said that the idea of ​​the test was to find out if the vaccine was safe or not?, and what is the minimum dose of the vaccine that can be given to a person, while ensuring that he or she gets a good immune response.

She added that the interval may allow the immune system to rest and mature in its own immune response before receiving the booster dose, and the longer this period, the better the secondary immune response.

The data indicate that the participants in the AstraZeneca vaccine trial who had received doses in full quantities, the period between the two doses was about 3-4 weeks, and for those who received smaller amounts in the first dose, the period for them to receive the second dose was more than that.

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