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A mob burned two suspected hitmen alive in Ecuador

Assassins murdered in Ecuador
Assassins murdered in Ecuador

Two alleged hitmen died after being burned alive in the city of Bahía de Caraquez, in Ecuador, on the afternoon of December 25. They had previously shot a person who was seriously injured and later passed away.

The deceased arrived on a motorcycle and shot Álex Mendoza, alias ‘Gordo Álex’, when he was on the boardwalk of the Chone river estuary.

Mendoza was transferred to Miguel Hilario Alcívar Hospital, where they certified his death and that he had twelve bullet wounds.

Details of the death of two alleged hitmen in Ecuador

During the flight, neighbors in the area intercepted and beat them. Minutes later, they were doused with gasoline and set on fire in a scene that they recorded in various videos that were later disseminated on social media.

The police arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area where the burned bodies were. Agents have collected several ballistic evidence. This was indicated by the head of the Sucre-San Vicente Police District, Benito Argüello. The official revealed that Mendoza had a criminal record and that he had just been released from prison after serving a sentence.

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