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A mobile application allows people with some type of disability and the elderly to consult information about medications



People with some type of disability and the elderly, may have difficulties accessing information about your medicationsespecially when they don’t have a pharmacist nearby. To respond to this challenge, provide objective, rigorous and updated information on medicines, and contribute to their responsible use, was born Accessible Medication Plus. An application of the General Council of Pharmacists, the ONCE Foundation and the Vodafone Spain Foundation that allows patients to consult information about medications in an accessible way, facilitating understanding and promoting adherence to treatments.

The application, which already has more than 70,000 downloads, allows you to search for medicines via barcode found in the packaging of medicines.

The user opens the application on his mobile device and captures the code, after which he accesses the information about the medicine in an accessible format from his mobile. The tool also allows you to search for medications by name or, by introducing the “national drug code”, which appears on all packages.

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In addition, Accessible Medicine Plus incorporates two auxiliary functions: a locator of the nearest pharmacies to the user and a section that, under the name of ‘My medicines‘, stores the information of those medicines that the user uses most frequently and to which he wants to have quick access.

In 2019, the three institutions that launched the App developed an innovative alert system that allows the user to customize the app to collect personal characteristics, as if it is a pregnant or lactating woman, has intolerances or allergies to certain excipients such as gluten or lactose, or is a user of contact lenses or a competitive athlete. This registry allows the app to launch warnings that the user must take into account in the event that they consult a medicine that presents some precaution in these situations.

All the information on Accessible Medicines PLUS comes from the General Council’s medicine database, BOT PLUS, which is periodically updated in order to collect all the modifications and news about the medicines.

In the latest version published, the possibility of searching for drugs through the drug datamatrix codes has been incorporated. This new functionality allows not only access to the information of the medicine, but also warn about the expiration of the package, which is a very important advance, especially for people with vision difficulties, who currently cannot access this information that appears on the packaging of medicines.

The new functionalities implemented aim to enhance the universality of the application and improve patient interaction with it, improving accessibility to a reliable, independent and updated source of information on medicines.

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