a mobile application that has entered into use in one year

A year almost to the day after its launch, it’s time to take stock for the mobile application and the website MonCompteFormation. It is positive, according to all those who have focused on the baptismal font, this tool integrated in a larger reform whose aim is to strengthen the qualifications of workers – whatever their status. The social partners are more circumspect, with several unions continuing to express their disapproval.

Since November 21, 2019, nearly 957,000 training requests have been accepted through this mechanism, according to figures communicated, Wednesday, November 18, by the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, which manages personal training accounts (CPF). and the application associated therewith. Presented as unique in the world when it was set up, this digital instrument aims to allow some 28 million active workers – employees, civil servants, self-employed workers, job seekers – to choose an organization that will provide them with additional skills. .

People have the option of financing an internship with the money credited to their CPF, without going through an intermediary, the process being feasible from a smartphone. The sum to which each individual is entitled can, at most, reach 5,000 euros (8,000 euros for the low-skilled). Additional amounts, qualified as“Contributions”, can, moreover, be allocated by Pôle emploi and by companies. A major upheaval, if only because of the unit of account now in force: we reason in euros, therefore – and no longer in hours of training -, with the aim of making the CPF more attractive and thus encourage beneficiaries to take their professional destiny in hand.

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Goal achieved

A year ago, the ambition to Muriel Pénicaud, then Minister of Labor, was to see 1 million people mobilize MonCompteFormation. The objective therefore appears to be achieved. “It’s a popular success and a great source of pride”, affirms Antoine Foucher, the chief of staff of Mme Pénicaud when she was a member of the government (May 2017-July 2020). The numbers are “Quite impressive, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view”, continues Michel Yahiel, head of management within the Caisse des Dépôts which steers the system. According to him, audiences, which until now were the poor relatives of the training system, are now better off: two thirds of requests “From employees, workers or technicians”, according to the elements released Wednesday by the Fund; nearly four out of ten people wanting to train “Have a BEP / CEP level or below”. Yahiel adds that there are also more women and working people aged 45 or over than before.

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