A model from Tucumán denounced that she was discriminated against in a bowling alley in Mar del Plata and INADI will intervene

Sofía is 24 years old and denounced having been discriminated against in a Mar del Plata bowling alley for her overweight

In the middle of your vacation in Mar del Plata, Sofia Elizabeth Ortiz Andrada, a 24-year-old young woman from Tucumán, had a bad time. When she wanted to enter one of the most popular clubs in the seaside resort, together with her friends, they inexplicably denied her entry. The reason: According to her complaint, the dance venue did not allow her to enter due to her overweight.

It all happened last Monday in Bruto, an open-air bowling alley located in Playa Grande which during the summer is usually very crowded. Those who visit the city at this time of year know that it is one of the places most desired by tourists. Therefore, Sofía anticipated the situation and reserved a box with capacity for 10 people and thus not have any type of inconvenience. However, it was of no use. Upon arriving at the entrance of the nightclub, the security personnel of the place began to put each of the girl’s friends a bracelet to enter. But when it was Sofia’s turn, something automatically changed and for no reason, they told her she had to wait.

More than half an hour passed and the young woman was still standing at the entrance while she watched the rest of the tourists enter the disco. The excuses were several but Ortiz was firm until they let her pass. I knew something was wrong. “They put the bracelets on my friends and just passed by, but they stopped me. So, I told them: I’m with the girls who just passed. And the security man answered me: let me check if there is room. They kept me waiting there for about half an hour while the others continued to pass by ”, the young woman told the newspaper The Tucumano.

Explanations came and went but in the end there was no reason not to let her in. First they told him that the place was for people over 21 years old. There Sofía showed them the document stating that she is 24. Then they told her that she had to pay the entrance fee and, when she answered that she was willing to do so even though with the reservation she could enter for free, they did not know what to say to her and They again made the excuse of capacity. “When I realized what was happening, I started crying and it got really bad. My friends had to leave the place, they were very angry about what they did to me, “she added.

The bowling alley that allegedly discriminated against her

The bowling alley that allegedly discriminated against her

Sofía -who is a model and Human Resources student- knows how clubs are run. According to what he said, he worked at some opportunity as public relations for some renowned dance venues in his province. “I went to the top places in Tucumán and that never happened to me, it is the first time that has happened to me. In Tucumán they know me, they would never do this to me. It never affected me to be looked at badly, but giving someone a bad time at the door is too much. We leave Mar del Plata with a bad drink “said the 24-year-old. Finally they did not let her in and she left the place.

Then he tried to communicate with the public relations officer with whom he had reserved the box but to no avail. They did not answer any of the messages in which she simply asked for an explanation for the violent discrimination to which she was subjected, according to her complaint.

The young woman on her trip to Mar del Plata

The young woman on her trip to Mar del Plata

“The only thing we received from them was a blue check mark. They turn a deaf ear and they didn’t care, what’s more, I think they take it as advertising for bowling. I now feel ashamed when I go to the beach and, after that day, I didn’t go back to any bowling alley ”, he lamented.

The case quickly became public and the Mar del Plata delegation of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) contacted the young woman to see if she wanted to make a complaint. Sofia replied that she would do it once she returned to her native province. “What I rescue from all this is that from INADI they behaved super well with me. My lawyer is going to file a complaint for damages and when I arrive in Tucumán I will file a complaint with INADI, ”said Sofía.

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