A Mom Cuts Her Monthly Bills By $750 Without Changing Her Lifestyle: Here’s How!

Paying for the house, school fees, utilities, food, petrol… this can quickly go up high, very high especially with the crisis. So Emily decided to optimize her expenses and manages to save drastically each month, up to 750 euros!

Obviously, the rent does not enter into the calculation, since she cannot change anything about it. But it is on all the “next” that she found a trick, as she explains to the Mirror.

Change ! And yes, she simply compared to change her habits, but without changing her lifestyle! So goodbye full price food, phone subscriptions and overpriced energy supplier, and hello red prices, prepaid card and cheaper supplier!

“My electricity and gas bill was €220 a month because I was carefree and left the TV and lights on at night. My bills were very high because I had no idea how much energy and gas I was using until I had to change my spending. Luckily, I started paying attention before the cost of living rose dramatically. I changed energy supplier and asked for a meter to be able to control our expenses. »

The click, she had it when she found herself crippled with debts for the amount of € 8,000 in 2017, she managed to free herself from her debts in just two years, starting by buying products in red prices .

“I managed to reduce my grocery bills from €560 per month to €240. I plan my meals and buy the discounted prices, freeze them to keep them longer. » Emily also chooses the store according to her needs, « at Tesco or at the coop for fresh food, canned food at Aldi… I used to spend €140 a week on food, but now I spend €60 to feed my family of five. It’s not easy to feed a big family on a small budget, but it can be done. »

Another tip, avoid waste! “I have found that pasta dishes are the most profitable and I can make a dish of tortellini with minced meat for just €3.90 for example. Once a month I use whatever’s left on the shelves and in the freezer to cook meals for a week to make sure we don’t have any waste. »

She also changed TV operator: “I went from €160 per month for Sky TV and a landline, to €34 for an Amazon Fire Stick”. She also got rid of the landline phone, which nobody used anyway, and switched to a SIM card for just €7.50 a month.

Last tip, she buys on Vinted rather than going to the store. The second hand provides her with everything she is looking for and amply satisfies her. She also sells there what she no longer uses, which allows her to collect a little money.

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