A month on the Sun: 80,000 NASA photos turned into a stunning video

All images are from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). Since 2010, this mission continuously monitors and captures the activity of the Sun.

“The Sun emits light of all colors, but since yellow is the sun’s brightest wavelength, it’s the color we see with the naked eye,” says NASA. “Specialized instruments can observe light well beyond the ranges visible to the naked eye. The different wavelengths transmit information about the different components of the Sun’s surface and atmosphere. The Solar Dynamics Observatory takes images of 10 different wavelengths, measured in angstroms using its AIA instrument ”.

In total, it is no less than 78,846 photos that the filmmaker Seán Doran used to create his video. On the final result, we discover the life of the Sun and its movements in August 2014.



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