A Montrealer Was Murdered in Cuba

A Montrealer was killed on the weekend in Cuba before being probably buried in the sand on a beach not far from where she was staying during her stay.

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Antoinette Traboulsi, 52, was reported missing Saturday morning, in the area of ​​the bed and breakfast where she was to spend her vacation, near a beach in Varadero.

“She goes there three or four times a year to party. She always has a room there, ”confides her friend and colleague Mélissa Martineau, from the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center of the North Island of Montreal.

The housekeeping worker landed in Cuba last Friday. She was due to go join some friends the next day, but never showed up.

Winnie Gonzalez

Photo from Facebook

Winnie Gonzalez

“She usually came to my house every day. I was a little worried that she didn’t come on Saturday and that she wouldn’t call. I went to see the lodge and she was not there, ”tells us her young Cuban friend, Winnie Gonzalez.

The last person to hear from him in Quebec was his mother, around 11:15 a.m., the day after his arrival.

She was reportedly last seen at the public beach site, at the corner of Calle 21 and Avenida 1era.

Without answer

The relatives of this mother of four and in love with Cuba were informed of her disappearance on Monday.

Since then, they have taken steps to successfully contact the Cuban authorities and the Canadian Embassy in Cuba. However, no one had confirmed anything to them until Wednesday.

However, a body was discovered on Tuesday, buried under the sand of the public beach frequented by Mr.me Traboulsi.

Sami Soussa

Photo from Facebook

Sami Soussa

“I have an acquaintance whose father is a policeman there. He confirmed to me that it was indeed her. She had wounds on her face, the bottom of her bikini was nowhere to be found. It looks like a murder, details his cousin Sami Soussa. It was a 15 year old boy walking on the beach who allegedly saw a limb sticking out of the sand. “

“At the embassy, ​​we are told that they only communicate with the emergency person who is written on their passport. We are there in nothing. I just want to know what happened. I want her to be repatriated and the culprit found. “

“Cuba always tries to cover up the stories with tourists,” says Mélissa Martineau, who suspects that her friend “Angie” had a bad meeting.

“It was probably a young man she met and who tried to steal her money,” she believes.

She describes the traveler as a jovial woman unable to sit still.

“You loved him or you didn’t love him. She was very fond of Cuban music and partying, she said. She was endearing. “

Global Affairs Canada has confirmed that a Canadian citizen was murdered in Cuba and offered condolences to family and friends.

“Consular officials are in contact with local authorities to gather additional information,” his spokesperson Jason Kung told us.

It would be the second Quebec victim to be murdered in Cuba in 2020. Last February, Nathalie Fraser was allegedly killed there by her spouse. Her family had also had difficulty getting answers from local authorities.

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