A Moscow café gets a “robot server”

In Moscow, the Shokoladnitsa café has just hired a rather particular waiter … A robot-cat responsible for transporting the dishes to the customers. But this condensed technology, developed by Russia and China, still requires a lot of human interventions, as manager Vladislav Konstantinov explains: “Customers come here and order a menu. The kitchen prepares it and sends it here at the pickup point. The waiter then places the dish on the robot, he chooses the table, for example the 23rd. He presses start … and let’s go!

To move, the robot follows, thanks to a sensor, points positioned on the ceiling. It is also equipped with three cameras, to avoid obstacles.

Customers are won over, both by its feline appearance and its abilities. “It is very interesting and unusual. I had never seen something like this, this is the first time, confirms Anastasia, a customer. It’s convenient, because I think he can carry a lot more than a human being. But I think the best combination is to keep servers, assisted by robots.”

An opinion shared by the managers of the café, who ensure that the robot is not there to replace the servers, but to help them.

The robot-chat also allows the establishment to make itself known, as its director, Taras Galaichuk explains: “It has certainly become our calling card, many come to see us because of the robot, and the first question they ask is whether the robot will serve them their food. “

Arrived two weeks ago, the robot is still in a trial period. The cafe plans to analyze his results, before hiring him for good, as well as other of his congeners.


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