A Munich-based company rents trucks and fixed battery-powered quick charging stations

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WIf the cell phone is right, it could also be suitable for the electric car. If the battery is exhausted after a few hours of operation and there is no socket nearby, it comes to the mobile charging station and is fully charged there. Such a power bank should also be feasible for electric vehicles – the same principle, but on a much larger scale. The latest idea of ​​the Munich-based young company Jolt is to rent a truck that drives a huge lithium battery around in the semi-trailer. Its values ​​are astonishing: four cars on each side and two in the back can be charged at the same time. The power output is higher than almost all vehicles offered so far can digest – a maximum of 320 kW at up to 920 volts in each of the ten places. The mobile storage unit holds 2 MWh and weighs 32 tons. The price of around two million euros is also record-breaking for a rolling battery.

Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” department.

This charging station already exists and is manufactured by the Nürtingen-based battery specialist Ads-tec. A car manufacturer has seven in operation for test drives, explains Hans von Wilmowsky, the spokesman for Jolt. This is also one of the applications for which his company wants to offer the rental solution: test drives and presentations where no charging station can get.

Other possibilities are competitions with electric cars, which are not possible on many racetracks due to the lack of charging stations, electric trucks and ships in the port, which previously had to run their engines there to generate electricity. The fast-loading trucks are scheduled to go into operation at the end of the year, and how many will be purchased should be made dependent on demand. Jolt wants to offer an all-round service, the customer should not have to worry about anything. With regard to the prices, the company keeps a low profile, among other things, they depend on the rental period and are therefore individual, explains Wilmowsky.

The other business idea, the installation of battery-powered fast chargers in cities, should go a little faster. Because precisely where it makes particular sense to drive an electric car, there is a shortage of charging stations. And if there are any, they work with alternating current and theoretically up to 22 kW, but in practice there are often only seven. The first project is planned for the second half of the year in Munich, and 30 units are to be installed at petrol stations in one year. And in five years, Jolt wants to be present in 100 cities.



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