a municipal school in Houdeng, attended by more than 300 students, closed for 15 days

After cases observed in Manage, Seneffe and Braine-le-Comte, it is now in La Louvvière, and more precisely in Houdeng, that covid-19 has made a sensational entry into a school. In this case, the communal school of Chaussée Paul Houtart attended by more than 300 students and which closed its doors for 15 days as a precaution. “It is a kindergarten teacher who tested positive for the virus”, confirmed Jacques Gobert, mayor of Louviérois.

“Normally, in this specific case, we could have limited ourselves to closing the kindergarten class in question, but after investigation, it turned out that the said teacher had also had close contact with members of the primary staff. “

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