A municipality of Jura inherits 300,000 euros

This sum will be allocated to the renovation and maintenance of the town’s church.

According to the mayor of Sellières, the inheritance consists of several L'Oréal shares with a value of 290,000 euros.
According to the mayor of Sellières, the inheritance consists of several L’Oréal shares with a value of 290,000 euros. Georges DIEGUES / Hagen411 – stock.adobe.com

It is a happy news that the mayor of the commune of Sellières (Jura) announced during the municipal council, last week. A man from the village who died in August decided to inherit the town of several hundred thousand euros.

Jean-Paul Carrez is a former watchmaker and jeweler who worked for a long time in the neighboring town of Dole (Jura) until his retirement, before returning to live in his parents’ house in Sellières until his death on August 18th. . In his will, he indicated that he wanted to bequeath 290,000 euros to his village.

« It seems to me that these are L’Oréal shares that he is selling to us», details in Progress Bernard Joly, the mayor of the town. The city councilor was not aware of the intentions of Jean-Paul Carrez. “ He was a very discreet person, we saw him very little. He had never told us of his desire to bequeath us this sum». « His grandparents had already made a donation for the construction of the church », remembers the mayor.

This news is good for the town hall, which wishes to use this manna to continue the major renovation work on the village church. Indeed if the town hall has already started replacing the heating of the religious building, the roof, the stained glass windows as well as the paintings would also need “a facelift »According to Bernard Joly.

To pay tribute to this generous donor, the village would also like to give the name of Jean-Paul Carrez in place of the church. “ We will see with the family, but we would like to give the name of the donor in the place of the church where works are currently taking place. »Explains the mayor.


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