a nasal spray that claims to be 99% effective will be marketed by March

While the Institut Pasteur de Lille working on a nasal vaccine, the French group P & B (Pharma & Beauty) is preparing to market a nasal spray capable of eliminating 99% of the viral load of the virus in the nostrils, in the space of thirty seconds, according to three studies validated by different laboratories.

The first tests were launched with the French laboratory Analytice, after scientific validation of the effectiveness of the spray by the IHU in Marseille. Further tests took place in Japan. According to these studies, it takes two sprays in each nostril, four to six times a day, to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

An ionized water-based spray

« This preventive spray prevents viral dissemination, dislodges infectious agents by mechanical action in the nasal cavities and facilitate their evacuation, and locally reduce the viral load “, Suggests the French group P & B.

This product, which is in the form of a 30 ml bottle (equivalent to one month of treatment) would be sold at a price of € 14.90, specifies West France. It should arrive on the market by March 1, time for production to get underway, first at the P & B site in Montélimar, then in the four other factories nationwide. According to our colleagues, one to three million units will be available in March, then 13 to 15 million per month from April.

This spray contains ionized water recognized for its cleaning, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This water is also often used to treat burns and other skin diseases in Japan, details RTL. The principle is simple, a spray in each nostril so that the water loosens the virus from the nasal wall. Then, as for a classic wash with sea water, you have to blow your nose.


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