A nasal spray to counter the coronavirus? CNRS researchers have filed a patent

Everyone was waiting a vaccine. Ultimately, the solution to fighting the coronavirus could come from a nasal spray. CNRS researchers have developed a treatment that would trick the virus into diverting it from lung cells to prevent infection, reports The Parisian.

This spray could be used as a preventive measure, at the rate of several nasal sprays per day. Researchers filed for a patent in May.

Not yet tested outside the laboratory

Be careful though not to ignite. This process has not yet been tested on lung cells from a living subject (only in the laboratory) and the study has not yet been published in a scientific journal.

Professor Philippe Karoyan and his team from the Laboratory of Biomolecules at the Sorbonne nonetheless released a pre-publication in an English journal after encouraging results. The study is under review before possible publication.

How it works ?

The nasal spray would act as a decoy for the coronavirus. To infect a cell in the human body, the virus uses a protein called “Spike” which attaches to receptors called ACE2 on our cell membrane. To prevent this infection, the spray contains molecules that perfectly mimic ACE2 receptors and attract the coronavirus before it hits our healthy cells. Covid-19 is neutralized by these cells called “Peptides”.

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